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All prices are F.O.B. Brisbane Australia. Our Werrington, Adelaide and Perth branches each have their own separate price lists. Please contact your nearest branch and they will be only too happy to help you.

Supers (Bee Boxes) Lids Excluders Moving hives
Foundation Bottom Boards Masonite by the sheet Sections
Frames (wood) Preparing Frames Raising Queens Solar Wax Melter
Guilframes Veils and Hats Coveralls and Gloves Labels
Made-up Equipment Hand tools Crimper Chemicals
Eyelets Honey Knives Tanks and Drums Smokers
Wire Nails Small containers Nytrel & Strainers
Uncapping Units Feeders and Traps Components & Parts Extractors
Treating Wax Queens & Live Bees Candle Sheets & Wick Books
  Buckets and Gates Hire Extractor